We’ve shown that commercial success and positive impact can go hand-in-hand

Since 2002, we have shown that addressing big societal challenges – for example by creating jobs in underserved areas, or delivering better health or education outcomes, or finding innovative way to reduce carbon emissions – can also drive strong commercial performance.

Like you, we believe that business can be a powerful force for good

We seek out partners who share our belief in the power of business to make a difference. Partly because we believe that together, we can have a real impact on pressing challenges; but also because we believe these organisations have an in-built advantage that will enable them to thrive. Over time, this will allow us to deliver attractive returns to our investors as well as measurable impact – which will attract more capital into this area.

How our partnership with Babington helped it to generate strong growth – and great outcomes for young people

We have a proven value creation model, powered by expert insight

We focus on backing investable solutions to social and environmental challenges in four areas: health & wellbeing, education & skills, sustainable living and underserved markets.

This thematic, challenge-driven approach helps us to build expertise and talent networks in sectors where long-term trends are driving sustainable demand. It helps us align with visionary teams in search of an investor who not only understands their market but also shares their values. And it helps us identify the areas where we can make a real difference – to our partners and to the challenges they seek to address.

Our Approach

We have an experienced and passionate team

Our team have a passion for identifying partners who can address social and environmental challenges at scale – and helping them to realise their potential. Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of organisations within our four focus areas to build their offering and optimise their impact.

Meet Our Team

We believe in a better way of doing business

We strive to be ethical and responsible investors and asset-owners, taking all potential stakeholders into account in every decision we make.

We are a registered B Corporation (in fact, we are one of B Corp’s Best for the World).

We are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and The Sustainable Protein Initiative.

For more detail on the way we do business, please see our Ethical Charter, our Responsible Investment Policy and our Sustainable Property Policy.

How our approach drives value throughout the cycle