Patient capital for businesses with a social mission at their core

Social and other mission-led businesses have a vital role to play in tackling some of the big challenges we face as a society. But they often find it difficult to access the long-term funding and support they need to scale.

Through Bridges Evergreen Holdings, we provide patient capital and operational support to these businesses. We look to invest in ambitious, profitable organisations that have a strong social purpose, a clear competitive advantage and high growth potential – whether they’re profit-with-purpose companies, public sector spin-outs, social sector organisations or employee-owned businesses.

We want to act as a long-term partner for these organisations, providing the financial, strategic and operational support they need to grow faster and deliver greater impact.

The investment came at a critical time for CASA and enabled us to achieve a step-change in our growth… Bridges has provided hands-on support as we looked to restructure the business and strengthen our management controls and reporting. As a result, we now have the organisational capacity to take on more Government contracts.
Dr Guy Turnbull, managing director of CASA

What we offer

  • A permanent source of capital for mission-driven businesses
  • Up to £10m to invest (equity or debt; minority or majority)
  • Strategic and operational support from an experienced team
  • Proven track record with a variety of high-growth, high-impact models
  • Expertise in impact measurement, reporting and communications


  • Commonweal Housing

  • LEYF

  • The Foundry

  • Unforgettable

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