Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund II

Manufacturing the world’s only range of waterproof, breathable, close-fitting socks and gloves.

  • Theme

    Underserved Markets

  • Date of Initial Investment


  • Bridges Executives

    Steve Morrison
    Emma Thorne

  • Management Team

    Ian Blackman - Chairman
    Tim Ives - CEO
    Alistair Tait - Co-founder and Non-Executive Director
    Hadleigh Farrer - Finance & IT Director

Challenge: King’s Lynn, Norfolk, is among the top 15% most underserved areas in the UK, with high rates of unemployment. Around 13% of the working age population have no qualifications, 5% higher than the national average in England. The longer someone is unemployed, the less likely they are to ever return to work. Sustained employment offers individuals greater well-being, improved physical health and better opportunities for their families in the long run.

Investable Solution: With its factories based in King’s Lynn, Sealskinz designs and manufactures patented, high-quality, waterproof and breathable socks and gloves, before selling to retailers in the UK and throughout the world.

Outcomes: Sealskinz is located in one of the most deprived areas of the UK and employs staff locally, with 39 full-time employees and 7 part-time employees staffed from within the vicinity.

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