Historic Futures

Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund II

Recognised experts in supply-chain traceability

  • Theme

    Sustainable Living

  • Date of Initial Investment


  • Bridges Executives

    Steve Morrison

  • Management Team

    Tim Wilson - Co-Founder and CEO

Challenge: In the age of information, consumers have become increasingly aware of the impact of their purchases on people and the environment. Industries like manufacturing and retail have implications that extend across the globe. Knowing where products come from and how they got here is important – to consumers, to companies, to regulators, and to the planet. Many businesses are also finding that such considerations also drive productivity and innovation.

Investable Solution: Historic Futures Limited are recognised experts in supply-chain traceability with world leading technologies and consulting expertise. They make it possible for companies to collect and manage their value chain data, from primary production to finished product, and to communicate good practice to their customers.

Outcomes: By ensuring sourcing practices can meet with social and governance goals, Historic Futures support organisations (and ultimately consumers) to improve their impact on underserved communities throughout their supply chain.

Historic Futures highlights areas in the supply chain where carbon emissions and water usage can be reduced, resulting in quantifiable environmental benefits.



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