Alina Homecare

Bridges Sustainable Growth Fund III

Providing high-quality homecare across the South of England

  • Theme

    Health & Well-being

  • Date of Initial Investment


  • Bridges Executives

    Ian Taylor
    Garret Turley
    Alison Price

  • Management Team

    Fergus Kee - Chairman
    James Deeley - Chief Executive
    Justine Pickford - Operational Director
    Paul Steadman - Financial Director

Challenge: The UK population of over-60s is due to increase by 20% between now and 2027, with the fastest growth among the over-85s. There is increasing demand for quality care to enable the growing ageing population to remain in the comfort of their own homes. However, staff recruitment and retention is notoriously challenging in the domiciliary care sector, which can in turn have a negative impact on the quality of care.

Investable Solution: Alina Homecare provides high-quality homecare to the elderly and disabled and a stable and supportive environment for its carers. Alina’s mission is to significantly improve standards of care within the home setting. To do so, it provides its care staff greater and more specialised training, leading to improved service for clients. Alina works closely with clients, local authorities and the NHS to create better services and work as a catalyst for the much-needed integration between health and social care.

Outcomes: Alina has over 1,800 service users and has delivered over 550,000 hours of care, of which more than 90% of visits were made on time; and 94% of hours being fulfilled by the service users’ core group of carers.

Alina supports almost 400 full-time and over 450 part-time employees, with 39% of staff having completed higher level and/or specialist training.

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